June 17, 2006

Mr Blue Sky

Its been yet another incredibly hot day today. I have an interesting stripey tan on one arm from driving :s The sky has been a really bright blue today which is always nice to see. So I thought i would share...

I spent all morning driving to DIY shops and garden centres looking at log cabins for when we move next month.

This afternoon however I spent the afternoon in the shade in the garden on my giant beanbag trying to get some more of my plastic bag bag finished. Here is what I have so far...

I dont think there is any specific stripe pattern, I just change colour when i feel like it. It has a round bottom and im going to make it wider and it gets higher up. The bags im using are really nice too, I tried one a few weeks ago with 'yarn' made from plastic grocery bags but it was a bit hard, this plastic is really thin, but it seems strong enough. I think if i have some left over I will attempt some flipflops to match.

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