January 11, 2007

Ok the real reason i havent blogged?

Is because i lost the will to crochet. I spent a few days with my mum and family and my aunty gave me the knitting bug. So ive been doing lots of knitting and ive made a few things, my other blog is around here somewhere if you can find it.

But i did crochet a bolero, I started it in September, and Finished it Christmas Eve. It only took about 3 days altogether but i just forgot about it and then it was Christmas (admittedly it was Christmas in the stores in town in September, but i digress)

So heres the Short n Sweet from the Happy Hooker. I made the size medium for my auntie, and my mum is modelling it (she is more of a large) (i couldnt get it on lol) so it does stretch a little. I used a nylon/acrylic mix which was like a chenille with a sparkle running through it. I wasnt so sure at first, but it turned out nice. My auntie was suprised because she was expecting a scarf lol.

Also in other news, Morvens new boss loves his Jolly Roger Sweater, so il have to look at making him another with a different design on the front :)