June 29, 2006

My life has stopped since I started making this

When i bought my copy of Happy Hooker last week i couldnt wait to start this sweater. I started with the back which i completed in just over a day, and then onto the front - well you can see my progress. Almost finished the pattern. Just a few more rows, a neck to shape and 2 sleeves to make and i will have the coolest sweater around.

Also i thought i would share my last piece of silver jewellery with you!

In the pipeline i have some kool aid dying planned, and some black mohair arrived this morning so i think i will make a simple love knot shawl with that :)

June 25, 2006

Jolly Good... so far

I seem to be suffering from the starting but not finishing projects syndrome. Lets call it SBNFPS for short. Im currently in the middle of loads of things, theres a chenille throw, although i have about 3 month really to do that as its for my new house. I have the plastic bag bag for the Crochetville CAL, which i was making progress on but ive since decided i hate it and will probably start again. I started a damn Mary Jane slipper on Friday when i dont even think i have enough wool to make a pair :s
But my main thing at the moment is the Jolly Roger jumper from the Happy Hooker book. I saw it last week and thought it was fantastic. I measured up my boyfriend and we went yarn shopping on Saturday morning. Its now Sunday afternoon and the back is almost finished. I thought this would take me months to make but i think if i keep this rate up, it might be finished next weekend.
Although, i bought an afghan hook too so that may just take over.
Also i found a new yarn shop in town and 2 stalls on the market. I give up in ebay when you can get wool for 75p a ball on the market!!!
I will post pics when i have done the front with the picture. The back is pretty boring.

Have a nice day! AM

June 17, 2006

Mr Blue Sky

Its been yet another incredibly hot day today. I have an interesting stripey tan on one arm from driving :s The sky has been a really bright blue today which is always nice to see. So I thought i would share...

I spent all morning driving to DIY shops and garden centres looking at log cabins for when we move next month.

This afternoon however I spent the afternoon in the shade in the garden on my giant beanbag trying to get some more of my plastic bag bag finished. Here is what I have so far...

I dont think there is any specific stripe pattern, I just change colour when i feel like it. It has a round bottom and im going to make it wider and it gets higher up. The bags im using are really nice too, I tried one a few weeks ago with 'yarn' made from plastic grocery bags but it was a bit hard, this plastic is really thin, but it seems strong enough. I think if i have some left over I will attempt some flipflops to match.

June 16, 2006

Up until now...

I have obviously just started this blog so heres a little history.

Im trained as a Silversmith/Jewellery designer and I have a workshop at my mums house in Yorkshire. Im currently staying with my boyfriend in Swansea and in a couple of months we will be moving to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire where there are LOADS of craft places. Yay!

I will get my workshop back when we move but in the meantime I need a creative outlet and since I so happened to bring a crochet hook to Swansea, I started looking online and found some great sites and the Crochetville forum which is great for all kinds of help and patterns and general knowledge from people in the know.

Since joining there last month I have made SO many Mary Jane style slipper socks, a love-knot shawl, a cushion cover, a scarf and a couple of headbands.

I am currently making a plastic bag bag for the Crochet Along they have on there using some scented coloured bin bags i picked up cheap yesterday. Im half way through a flamingo, another shawl and a chenille throw.

My favourite so far has been this scarf because the colours are great

Oh and I almost forgot, I have a website, which is currently being updated and I will write more about it when its up and running