January 11, 2007

Ok the real reason i havent blogged?

Is because i lost the will to crochet. I spent a few days with my mum and family and my aunty gave me the knitting bug. So ive been doing lots of knitting and ive made a few things, my other blog is around here somewhere if you can find it.

But i did crochet a bolero, I started it in September, and Finished it Christmas Eve. It only took about 3 days altogether but i just forgot about it and then it was Christmas (admittedly it was Christmas in the stores in town in September, but i digress)

So heres the Short n Sweet from the Happy Hooker. I made the size medium for my auntie, and my mum is modelling it (she is more of a large) (i couldnt get it on lol) so it does stretch a little. I used a nylon/acrylic mix which was like a chenille with a sparkle running through it. I wasnt so sure at first, but it turned out nice. My auntie was suprised because she was expecting a scarf lol.

Also in other news, Morvens new boss loves his Jolly Roger Sweater, so il have to look at making him another with a different design on the front :)

August 30, 2006

Almost september?

I havent posted all month. I have been busy with packing though. And im doing 2 secret swaps so i cant show pics of what im making. I will though :)

My website is online now too yay. http://www.xampx.co.uk

August 01, 2006

I dyed, but im ok :)

Ive been a busy bunny lately. I did a bit of kool aid dying and this one was my favourite result. Ive made a small beaded envelope purse/bag which i want to felt when i get a chance to use the washing machine. I got loads of Kool aid from the Holidays in July secret swap on Crochetville. Im really happy with everything i received. Considering that its a mainly American site, and im in the UK, postage isnt cheap. So im really happy that people took the time money and effort to send me things!

I made this bag in about 4 or 5 hours the otehr weekend. It took very little yarn. I used chunky acrylic so it was a bargain, i used less than half a ball of the colours and just over half a ball of the black. Its called a tapestry tote bag which i found on CPC and im using it to carry small projects around, so i might need to line it :)

Im also working on a shrug using some really cheap yarn i found in a bargain bin at the market. Il post when its done!

In the meantime, no i havent done any more of my jolly roger sweater lol. it will be done for christmas :)

July 16, 2006

Im sorry, ive been slacking!

I havent posted anything here in AGES! I did try last week but the PC crashed so i gave up.
So since last time ive made a few things and finished a few things.

I tried thread crochet - not too bad but couldnt think of anything nice to make
I tried wire and bead crochet - so far looking good!
I tried knitting - im CRAP at knitting! but i will keep trying!

Anyway i went a little bag crazy. Finished this one which i made the motif for myself. I made it from 100% wool with 100% acrylic for the pattern. I was going to shrink it and hope the pattern would bulge out but no doubt it would all go horribly wrong and id ruin it! So for now il leave it like this.

My mum came down last weekend so we went out with her and my sister. Here is a pic of my mum, my bf Morven and my sister watching the goldfish. Note that my bf and sister have the same hair!

The other bag i made is based on the one from the Happy Hooker book. I made it slightly different though and i went to all the trouble of lining it and everything to find that it doesnt fit my wallet!

I think its cool. Ive made a couple of bags since from the same kind of yarn. One with bobbles which im not happy with yet and one which will have some kind of arran pattern to it, I just need to practice :)

Ok and finally, the last couple of days ive been making preemie items for someone on the Crochetville forum. They are so small! Ive made a blanket and 3 hats so far. I might make something else later but i want to get them posted tomorrow. They are so tiny! I dont think this is going to let me post anymore pics :( so il leave it there for now

July 02, 2006

Ive been a bit lost

I havent been too sure what to do with myself this weekend. The jolly roger arms are boring and i wanted a change, so i frogged my plastic bag bag and ive started making 2 more of those, and i started a love knot shawl, had a go at afghan stitch, tried to make a bag with a cherry motif, but the yarn is like crap!!!! So i resorted to baking bread as a creative outlet. Its white bread with mozzarella and sun dried tomatos. Heres a pic...

June 29, 2006

My life has stopped since I started making this

When i bought my copy of Happy Hooker last week i couldnt wait to start this sweater. I started with the back which i completed in just over a day, and then onto the front - well you can see my progress. Almost finished the pattern. Just a few more rows, a neck to shape and 2 sleeves to make and i will have the coolest sweater around.

Also i thought i would share my last piece of silver jewellery with you!

In the pipeline i have some kool aid dying planned, and some black mohair arrived this morning so i think i will make a simple love knot shawl with that :)

June 25, 2006

Jolly Good... so far

I seem to be suffering from the starting but not finishing projects syndrome. Lets call it SBNFPS for short. Im currently in the middle of loads of things, theres a chenille throw, although i have about 3 month really to do that as its for my new house. I have the plastic bag bag for the Crochetville CAL, which i was making progress on but ive since decided i hate it and will probably start again. I started a damn Mary Jane slipper on Friday when i dont even think i have enough wool to make a pair :s
But my main thing at the moment is the Jolly Roger jumper from the Happy Hooker book. I saw it last week and thought it was fantastic. I measured up my boyfriend and we went yarn shopping on Saturday morning. Its now Sunday afternoon and the back is almost finished. I thought this would take me months to make but i think if i keep this rate up, it might be finished next weekend.
Although, i bought an afghan hook too so that may just take over.
Also i found a new yarn shop in town and 2 stalls on the market. I give up in ebay when you can get wool for 75p a ball on the market!!!
I will post pics when i have done the front with the picture. The back is pretty boring.

Have a nice day! AM