June 25, 2006

Jolly Good... so far

I seem to be suffering from the starting but not finishing projects syndrome. Lets call it SBNFPS for short. Im currently in the middle of loads of things, theres a chenille throw, although i have about 3 month really to do that as its for my new house. I have the plastic bag bag for the Crochetville CAL, which i was making progress on but ive since decided i hate it and will probably start again. I started a damn Mary Jane slipper on Friday when i dont even think i have enough wool to make a pair :s
But my main thing at the moment is the Jolly Roger jumper from the Happy Hooker book. I saw it last week and thought it was fantastic. I measured up my boyfriend and we went yarn shopping on Saturday morning. Its now Sunday afternoon and the back is almost finished. I thought this would take me months to make but i think if i keep this rate up, it might be finished next weekend.
Although, i bought an afghan hook too so that may just take over.
Also i found a new yarn shop in town and 2 stalls on the market. I give up in ebay when you can get wool for 75p a ball on the market!!!
I will post pics when i have done the front with the picture. The back is pretty boring.

Have a nice day! AM


Tina said...

Amp- Don't get too discouraged about SBNFP ?? (what was that?) I have it BAD!!! You should see my list of projects. It may just be me, but... You might be able to frog the plastic bag, I've done it. It isn't too hard. (Depending on how far into it you noticed the mistake, I guess...) Hang in there! I can't wait to see the sweater and the plastic bag bag if you stick with it! :)

Knitted_Painting said...

Another SBNFP'er here lol maybe we should start a charity? then ppl can post us yarn or whatever it is we need to start projects we won't finish lol! (^_^)