August 01, 2006

I dyed, but im ok :)

Ive been a busy bunny lately. I did a bit of kool aid dying and this one was my favourite result. Ive made a small beaded envelope purse/bag which i want to felt when i get a chance to use the washing machine. I got loads of Kool aid from the Holidays in July secret swap on Crochetville. Im really happy with everything i received. Considering that its a mainly American site, and im in the UK, postage isnt cheap. So im really happy that people took the time money and effort to send me things!

I made this bag in about 4 or 5 hours the otehr weekend. It took very little yarn. I used chunky acrylic so it was a bargain, i used less than half a ball of the colours and just over half a ball of the black. Its called a tapestry tote bag which i found on CPC and im using it to carry small projects around, so i might need to line it :)

Im also working on a shrug using some really cheap yarn i found in a bargain bin at the market. Il post when its done!

In the meantime, no i havent done any more of my jolly roger sweater lol. it will be done for christmas :)


Andi said...

Very cool color! Love the bag too!! Good Job !

Knitted_Painting said...

lol it sounds like the sweater has become on of those UFO projects^_^
I love the colour of the wool I'll have to dive into the Kool-Aid dye experience soon! I found a UK based site that sells it^_^