June 29, 2006

My life has stopped since I started making this

When i bought my copy of Happy Hooker last week i couldnt wait to start this sweater. I started with the back which i completed in just over a day, and then onto the front - well you can see my progress. Almost finished the pattern. Just a few more rows, a neck to shape and 2 sleeves to make and i will have the coolest sweater around.

Also i thought i would share my last piece of silver jewellery with you!

In the pipeline i have some kool aid dying planned, and some black mohair arrived this morning so i think i will make a simple love knot shawl with that :)


Tess said...

here from crochetville... hi! My blog isn't a whole lot about crocheting, but I do love it. visit sometime... Tess Talks

Knitted_Painting said...

that skull sweater is looking awesome =D and I love the star necklace too (^_^) I've been thinking about doing a jewelry making course at college here for a while just need to get the guts to go lol =P happy crocheting!